Hi, my name is dana (they/them).

I am a black, queer barber-student studying the art of barbering at Redefine Barber & Beauty Academy in Richmond, Virginia. Through tradework and service, I’m learning the basics of haircutting, fading and shaping, while creating new opportunities to build community and clientele. In my barber practice, I bring quality intention and attention to providing gender inclusive services based on individual need and hair service process.

In addition to barbering, I’m a photographer and filmmaker using poetic and documentary forms to celebrate life and expression. I have exhibited and screened work in galleries and festivals throughout North America, including ICA at Virginia Commonwealth University, Jeffrey Dietch, Art + Practice, Black Radical Imagination, BlackStar Film Festival, and OUTFEST Fusion LGBT People of Color Film Festival.

What is Black & Kin?

Black & Kin is an appointment-only barber service providing gender inclusive, feel good hair care experiences.

As a love letter to the profound connections and fleeting moments in our everyday lives, the barber chair offers an intimate space for us to slow down and receive the care we need to make us feel good in our bodies and how we present in the world.  

Black & Kin is also the convergence of my studio art practice and barber trade. A number of small projects will be produced in the form of short films, vlogs, portraits, essays, performances and collaborations that showcase my progress toward state licensure, sharpened skillsets, and establishing a thriving barber business.

My longterm goal is to materialize Black & Kin as a brick and mortar private barber and art studio for LGBTQ, Black, Brown, Indigenous Melanted People (BBIMP), elders, students, and ally communities. Organizations and donors may donate to the studio fund at paypal.me/atdanawashington.

If you have any questions, please contact dana washington-queen at blackandkin@gmail.com or leave a voicemail at (804) 495-1908.


Art Practice


Barber services are performed at Redefine Barber & Beauty Academy

5330 Chamberlayne Rd
Richmond, VA 23227



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